Jason Wilson -

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

For what he doesn't have in rock hard abs, Jason Wilson makes up for in heart. Raised by wild jackals in the outback of Australia, he hitched a ride to the US at the ripe age of 4. He was schooled in English by reading repair manuals for Whirlpool dishwashers while living in the crawl space of an appliance repair store in the mean streets of Bristol, TN. As fate would have it.... ah well you get the point.

Scott Thomas - 

Drums, Percussion

Scott has been playing drums since he was 13, and all he has to show for it is this suit, an empty wallet and a lot of great memories. He plays in other bands, you can find him on social media to see what's he's up to!

Julia Wilson - 

Fiddle, Vocals

Born on the east side on Tennessee, Julia is livin' and learnin' to give the devil a run for his money anytime she visits Georgia. On the ride down to the state of peaches, Jules has been known to serenade even the most stubborn backseat drivers. $20 is $20.

JP Parsons - 

Electric Guitar, Vocals

Hailed by pickbristol.com as Bristol's own troubadour, Parsons brings his love for twangy string bending electric guitar, songwriting, and harmonies to this deeply rich and stylistic band....He works diligently to keep fellow drummer, Scotty Python, calm.

Ben Adams - 

Bass Guitar

Ben Adams has been playing music for over 20 years ranging from Jimmy Buffett to metal to grunge to improvisational jam bands.  After moving back to his hometown of Bluff City, TN, he is embracing his country roots with Jackdaw’s 7.  Ben spends his days fighting in the courts of Sullivan County and his evenings laying down the law on the bass.  

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